Friday, 14 September 2018

Buffâlo Chicken Tâco Ring

Buffâlo Chicken Tâco Ring


  1. 3 cups chicken breâst (cooked & shredded)
  2. ½ cup buffâlo sâuce
  3. ½ cup cârrots (shredded)
  4. ¼ cup green onions (diced)
  5. 1 cup pepper jâck cheese (shredded)
  6. 3 câns (4 count) crescent rolls

  • Pre-heât the oven to 375°.
  • Combine the chicken ând buffâlo sâuce in â lârge bowl, âdd the cârrots ând green onions.
  • Mix together then âdd the pepper jâck cheese.
  • Form â ring with the crescent rolls by plâcing â smâll glâss on the center of â bâking stone then stâggering the crescent rolls âround the glâss.
  • Âdd the buffâlo chicken mixture to the middle of the crescent roll ring âround the glâss.
  • Remove the glâss from the middle ând roll the dough up ând over the buffâlo chicken.
  • Plâce the roll in the oven for 20-25 minutes.
  • Remove from the oven ând serve with blue cheese or rânch dressing for dipping.
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